. We help owners in Africa step-by-step: from project conception to its management.

. We give support to you from feasibility studies to definition the overall technical specifications. Everything is done to determine the profile of your project such as Goal/Time limit/Effective costs.

. Watt Electrics International supports you through the investment and operating cycle.

. We have a wide range of valuable consultants at your disposal who well-known sub-regional institutions such as the West African Power Pool Exchange System (WAPP) and the Power Pool of Central Africa (PEAC). Their skills towards the African electrical systems perfectly suit to reform the energy policy and Director Investment Plan of the electric power sector.

. We also support you for the design and we realize biomass power plants with residues from the wood industry, forest waste or waste household in biomass power plants. Recovering waste households would clean urban African cities and generate electric energy.

. We provided you technical assistance and advice in electrical and control/command sector.